“Striking A Chord” – ScooNews

by TMTT | December 12

The Music Therapy Trust was recently featured in ScooNews - India's Most Preferred Education Platform


We are truly happy and thankful for this lovely article that ScooNews put together. Also, it shows that India and schools all over the country are taking more and more interest in Music Therapy. In the UK many special needs schools provide Music Therapy as a part of their curriculum and Music Therapy is supported and provided by UK's National Health Service (NHS). We at TMTT hope through training Music Therapists and spreading awareness across the country that Music Therapy will one day be available for children in Indian schools too.

Read the full article here: http://www.scoonews.com/news/it-s-time-music-therapy-was-given-a-listening-ear-for-its-use-of-music-to-achieve-non-musical-goals-1999

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