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  • What are the benefits of having Music Therapy in a corporate setup?
Along with its clinical services, The Music Therapy Trust also offers corporate services like Drum Circles and Voice Circles.
In simple words, drum circle is a group of few or many people sitting in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of percussion instruments and drums. Rhythm that is generated through drumming is known to accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system and produce feelings of well-being. Drum circles are moderated by a music therapist or a specialised drum circle facilitator. He or she guides the group with rhythms or rhythm based activities. Famous percussionist Arthur Hill states that there are three types of drum circles – free flowing, culturally-specific, and community drum circle. The facilitator tries to facilitate the session with the objective of taking the group to its highest potential by vibrant and energetic playing.

Drumming uses the brain in a different pattern than the linear thought process that is usually needed in the work environment. The creative, intuitive side of the brain is more active when we are improvising and playing rhythms.

Not everyone will play the drums in the same way. Each one will play to their strengths up to their own limits but the end resulting music is beautiful. Drum circle is a unique way to show employees that working together as a group is what matters as the results will be better than what an individual person can do. Drumming immediately reduces stressful situations and breaks down barriers between the participants. The group starts to listen to each other rather than concentrating on themselves alone.
In a voice/singing circle, participants come together in a circle and through guided facilitation, sing in a group. Voice circles encourages an individual to sing and not judge themselves as “good” or “bad” in singing. It is a journey of self – discovery by expressing your innermost feelings and breaking barriers within yourself through your voice. By expressing your voice, one de-stresses themselves and can find an outlet to release their energies. A voice circle can be free flowing or with structure. It can be a collection of sounds or pre-written music which the participants do as a group activity. In a singing circle, a lot of improvisation takes place. One is requested to be as creative as possible by contributing their voice to the group in whichever way they feel like. A singing circle is never aimed for perfection; rather, it acts as a medium for you to connect with others in the group by creating beautiful music through our own personal instrument – our voice.

  • Incorporating music therapy in the corporate world offers a lot of benefits. Employees in the corporate sector are highly stressed due to working hours, deadlines and targets and mundane routines at work.
  • Music therapy helps in stress management and in turn helps the individual to become more productive at work.
  • Bringing together employees of all ranks and positions helps create a positive atmosphere in the work environment and helps to promote communication between bosses and workers.
  • Those feeling lethargic and tired may find themselves energetic and motivated after a drum circle with their colleagues.
  • Drum or voice circles are very effective for companies who want better teamwork and creation of new ideas. It also creates a feeling of connection between all the participants.

  • If you feel that your company would benefit or would like to experience a drum/voice circle, feel free to ask us for a proposal