Music to heal your mind, body and soul

TMTT was recently featured in the Mumbai Mirror. A well composed article on the many benefits of Music Therapy.

The same article was also posted in the Pune Mirror and Bangalore Mirror.

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by TMTT | October 31

Community work with Baliga Trust

Dear reader,

We have just embarked in a very exciting project in partnership with the Baliga Trust and would love to share it with you. The project aims to empower young adults in a resettlement area in No1

by TMTT | October 05

Welcome Jose!

Our third therapist has finally joined our team - Welcome Jose Alor! Jose is originally from Spain and after completing his bachelor’s degree in violin performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid (RCSMM), he1

by TMTT | September 24

Welcome Elena!

We would like to introduce you to our newest member of the team - Elena Konstantinidi. Elena arrived in Delhi all the way from London just over a week ago and we are very excited to have her here. We asked Elena to write 1

by TMTT | August 06

Attending the Improvisation Rhythm Performance Technique Training Workshop

Edison R. Carolino developed the Improvisation Rhythm Performance (IRP) technique for young children who struggle with the mainstream method of learning a musical instrument. Beginning from simple pict1

by Elena Konstantinidi | July 20

WORKSHOP – Communication and how Music affects the Brain

In June The Music Therapy Trust was honoured by a visit from our founder, Dr Margaret Lobo who stayed in India for 3 weeks inspiring us all with her great knowledge and warm heart. Just before Marg1

by TMTT | June 29

Introducing: Nina Cherla – our Senior Music Therapist

Nina is now working as Senior Music Therapist at TMTT. Although she arrived in India just a few weeks ago, India is not a new place for her. Nina has been travelling to India for over a decade, is familiar with the culture a1

by TMTT | May 14