Month: October 2017

Community work with Baliga Trust

Dear reader,

We have just embarked in a very exciting project in partnership with the Baliga Trust and would love to share it with you. The project aims to empower young adults in a resettlement area in North East Delhi through music.

After a few weeks of meeting young people in the community, making music and getting to know the activities the trust offers, we are excited to see this project taking some shape. The project is starting as an open music group for anyone from the community aged between 18 and 24, where the participants are encouraged to explore different instruments and express ideas as to how to develop this venture. This way, the group decides the direction of this project and therefore we all share its responsibility.

It is interesting how despite of our different cultural backgrounds music can bring us all together. We had the privilege to dance, listen and play music of a wide range of styles and cultures.

We believe through this musical experiences that bring us together, we can break down gender, religion and caste barriers and offer young adults positive opportunities to explore creativity . Through this meaningful experience we encourage participants to develop their sense of self-worth and trust their capabilities.

Here is a video of us singing together with some of the children, isn’t it lovely?


We are very much looking forward to how this project will develop in the future.

Jose and Elena