Month: September 2017

Welcome Jose!

Our third therapist has finally joined our team – Welcome Jose Alor! Jose is originally from Spain and after completing his bachelor’s degree in violin performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid (RCSMM), he moved to the UK to study his master’s degree in Music Therapy at Nordoff Robbins Centre in London. He has worked for Nordoff Robbins as a music therapist in a wide range of settings including care homes, hospitals, schools as well as direct referrals at the centre. Jose has now been here for about a month and these are his thoughts about his first few weeks in India:

Hello my name is Jose Alor, I recently joined the TMTT team as a music therapist and I am really excited about this new step in my career.

Time has passed so quickly since I arrived in Delhi four weeks ago. I was so excited when I got out of the airport that it took me a while to think about how vibrant the new environment was. All senses were greatly stimulated during my first day here. I could feel the humid heat, see all the colourful women dresses, hear all the sounds of many cars, autos and people, the intense smell of spices, and taste the rich spicy food.

I was worried of not understanding well the music and culture here. It seemed so different from where I come from but local people are very welcoming and I have been invited to join some traditional events. One of them was a Puja, a ritual to venerate a God where music and dance play an important role. I really felt part of it when I played my flute and danced with other people. The majority of people could not speak english but music made me feel so connected to everyone there in a culture that seemed so different from mine!

I am very much looking forward to keep exploring what music and people can achieve!